"Titled “Dysfunctional Furniture”—a phrase that could qualify as an irreverent definition of sculpture—Ken Ehrlich’s exhibition at Human Resources welcomed a categorical fuzziness around form and utility, bringing together a series of sculptural furnishings designed with neither the pedestal nor the human user fully in mind.

New essay in Blind Field Journal

"A grainy video circulates and re-circulates on the internet, showing a shark casually swimming up to an underwater network cable and taking a bite.

East of Borneo interview

Janet Sarbanes and I were recently

2017 California-Pacific Triennial: Building As Ever’ at OCMA by Dave Barton

"All the work here is political in its recognition of intransigence and loss of history, of the things we try to remember and forget, but Ken Ehrlich's collection of archival images of Iranian mosques are the most political with a capital P.

The Impermanent Architecture at California-Pacific Triennial by Susan Morgan

"In Ken Ehrlich’s on-going project about Donald Wilber (1907-1997), a scholar of ancient Persian architecture and the CIA agent credited as the “architect” of the 1953 Iranian coup (a Cold War strategy designed to secure British and American oil interests in the region), the artist composes a dialogue between Wilber’s two linked but divergent professions through a series of drawings and laser-cut archival photographs.

2017 CALIFORNIA-PACIFIC TRIENNIAL/Orange County Museum of Art review by Christopher Michno

"The most sobering political note is struck by Ken Ehrlich’s laser-cut archival photographs that document the double history of an American scholar of Persian architecture, Donald Wilber, who was instrumental in organizing the CIA-sponsored coup against Mossadegh.

Review of “Hold Up”

Three of my drawings were recently featured in an exhibition at the Angels Gate Cultural Center.

Curious Emergences

I have work included in a group show at the Sweeney Art Gallery in Riverside on view through October.