Walking Places: Four Walks in Los Angeles

A series of four playful, absurd, critical and activity-based walks in different parts of the city that will examine the architectural landscape up close and reveal Los Angeles as a space of ghosts, projections, limits and possibilities. Each walk presents a framed experience of a part of the city, rather than a narration or tour of architectural history. We will re-consider the built environment and highlight ignored, forgotten, overlooked and “ordinary” spaces. Topics of discussion will include the relationship between plan and use: namely, the way that architecture and urban planning produce a set of contradictions between the way space is designed and the way it is used.

A walk in Venice with Erin Schneider
A walk in Lakewood with D.J. Waldie
A walk in East L.A. with Sesshu Foster
A walk in in the shadows of Chavez Ravine with Maryam Hosseinzadeh