Art, Architecture, Pedagogy: Experiments in Learning

“The site of education is a complex terrain, literally marked in time
by physical, social, imaginary and psychic terms. I teach in a building
at CalArts but where does the learning take place? Does the class
really end when we leave the room? Likewise, I’m often rehearsing lectures
on my long commute to U.C. Riverside and constantly communicating
with my students by e-mail. To think about the architecture of
an art education, then, is not simply to consider the material spaces
of art schools; rather, it is a way to examine how our ideas and fantasies
about what an ideal education might look like constantly brush
up against the banal reality of institutional corridors and bureaucratic

A project edited by Ken Ehrlich with contributions by Katie Bachler, Tim Durfee, Liam Gillick, Pablo Helguera, Machine Project, Pat Morton, Janet Sarbanes and The Public School.