Re-locating Aelita

The installation explores the architecture of the LAPD headquarters building through an abstract engagement with Aelita: The Queen of Mars , a classic silent Soviet film made in 1924.

La Huelga

La Huelga is an experimental documentary video that examines a student strike at the largest public University in Mexico (UNAM) in 1999–2000, by juxtaposing participant interviews with a lyrical portrait of the campus architecture.

Walking Places: Four Walks in Los Angeles

A series of four playful, absurd, critical and activity-based walks in different parts of the city that will examine the architectural landscape up close and reveal Los Angeles as a space of ghosts, projections, limits and possibilities.

D.I.Y. Freefall

In a two-channel video created specifically for the public digital jumbotron screens at the

Kilowatt Consumption Data, Doubled

I approached every business within the geographic parameters of the Intersection 2009 project (Organized by Outpost for Contemporary Art) and requested access to their electrical consumption information over the course of the last year.