Art, Architecture, Pedagogy: Experiments in Learning

"The site of education is a complex terrain, literally marked in time by physical, social, imaginary and psychic terms.

What remains of a building divided into equal parts and distributed for reconfiguration

What Remains of a Building Divided into Equal Parts and distributed for reconfiguration is the second volume in the Surface Tension Supplement series dedicated to publishing documentation and critical writing on site-based practices in art, architecture and performance.

Surface Tension: Supplement No.1

Supplement No. 1 explores issues of spatial practice in critical essays by Jennifer Gabrys on the geographic implications of Fresh Kills Landfill, Scott Berzofsky, Nicholas Petr, Nicholas Wisniewski & Michael Rakowitz on artistic interventions in Baltimore, and by Claudine Isé, curator of “Vanishing Point”, an exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts, which questions the aesthetics of urban non-spaces through recent photography and film.

Surface Tension: Problematics of Site

Surface Tension examines the conversations that occur as negotiations between cultural production and the place of its reception.