Kilowatt Consumption Data, Doubled

I approached every business within the geographic parameters of the Intersection 2009 project (Organized by Outpost for Contemporary Art) and requested access to their electrical consumption information over the course of the last year. Some businesses felt this information was too private to reveal, others were unable to provide the information for logistical reasons. Many businesses simply did not respond to my requests. Of all of the businesses that I approached, ten allowed the Department of Water and Power to provide the data I requested, which I then translated into graphic form.


Doubled is an ambient portrait of the intersection of Eagle Rock and Colorado Boulevards, a composited video presenting the area at night, when activity is minimal. The infrastructure connecting businesses is present and visible in a different way – a quieter form of transaction.


In addition to the obvious and tangible forms of exchange that typically occur in Polllos a la Brasa – for example, the exchange of currency for food – this installation highlights other forms of exchange between area businesses, workers, customers and the public at large. The public display of this typically private information foregrounds energy consumption and the visible and invisible relationships between area businesses.




Printed data visualization graphics and video

Kilowatt Consumption Data
Kilowatt Consumption Data
Kilowatt Consumption Data